The Circuit - Francisco Jimenez

   The non-fictional autobiography, "The Circuit", is a story where Francisco Jimenez informs you about his life in childhood and the struggles of being a migrant child. I believe that he wants you to know about his childhood and what it feels like to have to be a migrant child from Mexico. It states on page 1, "I did not know exactly what California was either, but Papá's eyes sparkled whenever he talked about it with Mamá and his friends. 'Once we cross la frontera, we'll make a good living in California,' he would say, standing up straight and sticking out his chest."

   Francisco Jimenez's story somewhat reminds me of how my mom told me that her grandma and grandpa came to America and had to work for other people, like the fields and farms, to stay here. Although, they came from Poland and Ireland, so they can't exactly relate, but the field work is relatable. This also reminds me of when, in Gilroy, I saw the people working in the fields and felt bad for them because they had to do labor in order to live here.

   I knew that I liked this book the instant I saw the cover of the book with the image of the child and how he was next to a farm truck because it was about something I've never experienced, so it is fascinating to find out. I made this decision when I saw that the title said, " Stories from the life of a migrant child." I loved this book because its is amazing how much a migrant has to deal with moving from Mexico to America back then.